He lives in Haverstraw.

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1. Make a list of the specific reasons you want a medical alert service for your father and the needs you want to be met... is he wandering? Does he fall? Is he living alone? Are you living close to him? Be specific, as you want to find a pendant and alert monitoring service that meets these needs.

2. Google "medical alert services", "life alert services", or similar phrases, for Haverstraw, NY.

3. With list in hand, start calling, asking not only the relevant care and coverage questions, but also the initial installation fee, if any, monthly fee, response time, whether the service is local or national, how long the company has been in business, how long the company will call through the pendant before calling the lst, 2nd and 3rd responders on a list you will provide.

In addition, is the pendant battery operated? How many hours of use are possible before it has to be charged? Could your father understand the charging function and do it regularly or as needed?

4. Evaluate and review your notes, then make a decision.

I found that some companies claiming to be great

(a) refused to answer questions but wanted my address to send literature. They were immediately eliminated;

(b) didn't even return my call for a day or more. They were also immediately eliminated.

And also get a lock box that can be screwed in directly to the studs outside the front door. That way emergency responders can get inside with the key in the lock box if your father is unable to open the door. Don't get the lock box that looks like a large lock with an upside down u-shaped handle. These can be sawed off.
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