How can I become my mother full time caregiver and what steps we have to take?

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Mukie, you can become your Mom's caregiver just by doing the caregiving. Are you asking if you can be paid to do this caregiving? Yes you can get paid, your Mom can pay you and you would need to fill out an employment contact with her. She can pay you from her own pocket.

But I wonder if your Mom could afford to do that since you ask if you could get help in moving. What kind of help are you asking about? Help with rent? There are senior apartments that will charge rent according to one's income.

Or check with the State where you will be living to see what programs they have. Each State is different when it comes to rules, regulations and programs.

Help with the physical move itself? Sorry, unless you have friends who would help drive an U-haul and chip in for the cost and help move the furniture.
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Can you be a little more specific about where you are moving and why you need to be your mother's full time caregiver? Their are some threads around here that describe how to draw up a contract for services. I don't know much about it, but others here do.
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