I want to be able to take him to a place where there activities and other people to socialize with a number of days a week. Cost and location are important factor in this information. I prefer a west Nashville location and am currently not seeking in home services information. He is coming out of a rehab facility and will be bored to death sitting at home. He is energized by being able to help and get to know new people. I would prefer to have E-Mail information about what is available, so that I can eliminate the ones that are to far from us or are not suitable for him currently. Thanks

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Try calling the nursing homes in your area to see if any of them offer the service. My mom goes to an adult daycare at a nursing home and it is wonderful.
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This is not usually the kind of information this site can provide, unless someone on here happens to be from the Nashville area and can share experiences.

I would like to encourage you in your plans for a daytime program for your husband. They are generally listed as Adult Day Health Programs, to help you look for them online. They are not all equal. My husband attended 3 different ones over the years. One was heads above the other two. So don't be discouraged if your first experience isn't great. (Even the bottom of our three was adequate, though.)

If you don't have luck searching online, contact your area's council on aging, or the number for you community's United Way or Community Chest charity -- they should know all the resources in your area.

Adult Day Programs are awesome!
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