Sovaldi is effective but extremely expensive at $80K for a 12-week supply . I read that a company in India is licensed by Gilead to produced a generic for only $500 for a 28 day supply. Is this real or am I being too trusting? I googled "generic sofosbuvir" and it appears real. Your thoughts? Captain?

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A lot of people on a Copd board get their drugs from india
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Not the Capt, I was only a lieutenant in the Girl Guides (Scouts) Pam I know nothing about the treatment for Hep C or Sovaldi. The indian Pharmaceutical Companies have an excellent reputation and follow the same stringent standards as the US and European ones. Their drugs are generally a great deal cheaper than the money grubbing US companies and of equal quality. It is possible to order drugs from India with a US Drs prescription. It is actually illegal to import drugs into the US but most seems to get through, just don't list them as an itemized deductions on your tax return. Hubby spent his career in the pharmaceutical industry and a few years back when volunteering in Malawi sampled the products first hand. I would take Indian drugs over those produced in for example Mexico.
Hubby has gone to bed so can't ask him tonight. Of course any one can fall for a scam but you are likely to be safe on this one Pam.
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