I need to be able to accommodate my mother's health situation and doctors appointments, as well as not be away from home for extended periods of time due to her mentation. I do, however, need an income as well. I have a college degree and professional work experience, but those things don't really translate into my new reality. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Since many businesses are Work From Home right now I would think your options are open. Apply for what you are wanting to do and see if there are work from home options.
Depending on your degree many schools are looking for teachers that will work doing remote teaching.
There may be a time when the reality of the situation is you have no option but to look for either caregivers that will help you full or part time or look at placing mom in Memory Care.
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What is your training in? My DD finished her 2nd bachelor's degree, got a great job and was working from home within 2 weeks. She hasn't even met her co-workers in person.

She's got a degree in computer science--previously she had worked as a medical textbook editor. All done online and so no need to even leave home.

EVERYBODY'S new reality requires us to be flexible! Good luck.
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