How can I find out more about respite care and is there a charge for it?

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Careing for my 83 year old mother with dementia.

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You can try your local social services. Often some free respite care dollars go to waste (government funds) because people don't know the money for this care exists! This is not enough for continual care, but it could help. PACE is wonderful, but not everyone has it. Please do check that out. You can check many things on your state website. Type "aging" in the search box and follow the links. You'll find your state's version of the Family Caregiver Support Program. Check with these folks by following the links. Good luck,
Yep - there is a charge at nursing homes. There is such a thing as a PACE program which is either free or based on your income. If you are lucky to have this in your community, please call and ask them about it. You might not have to pay very much at all. Good luck :)

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