My mother, who is on oxygen 24/7 but pretty mobile, wants to visit us. She spends much time on a portable machine with liquid oxygen as opposed to being tethered to her main source. Where can these small devices be filled - as there is no way to bring the main tank here?

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Are you talking about the green [color may vary] tanks that are about 3' tall [size may vary] and need a little dolly to move them around?
Smaller tanks easier to transport, but need refilled more often.
==1. Have a prescription [Rx] from Doctor, specifying Tank sizes he OK's for patient, and liters per minute dose.....Make sure the Rx includes that the person can use various size tanks / sources. Rx can also include OK to use it at any local supplier wherever she travels...Be sure to keep original, and only allow the O2 supplier to have a copy.
==2. Contact O2 suppliers along the route traveled, to arrange refills, or replacement tanks. Doctor's office can sent Rx to each of them.
==3. IF traveling out of state, it gets trickier.
We had a supplier in WA connect with a supplier in S. CA, and the Doc's Rx, to get us started with the green tanks, because those were what was allowed to travel across State Lines-We were not allowed to bring a Concentrator appliance, because that was rented, and couldn't be safely returned to start point once we reached destination. [It was a one-way trip]

The green tanks became OURS...we bought them [they're fairly cheap], so none cared if they traveled.
Once we arrived here, though, we connected with a supplier, and got a regular concentrator appliance, as that was easier for our person, than the tanks.

IF you mean keeping a larger tank at home, and refilling the little tanks at home from that larger one, that's another matter.
Talk to your local suppliers, to see what the rules are in your area.
They may let you, or not.
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