I'm a resident liaison for a construction team that is in the process of renovating a senior bldg. located in the Chicago area. As a liaison I'm responsible for making sure the seniors have the assistance they need to pack up their units for the renovation process to begin. I have come across 2 residents with hoarding issues.

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Are funds allowed within the renovation budget to assist residents with either moving or addressing hoarding problems? If so, you could choose a decluttering contractor yourself, after doing some research either with the AAA or the county elder or social work department (depending on the specific title.) and figuring out a way to address the residents, who probably will be unwilling or unable to declutter w/o psychological support. That's the biggest issue - working with the residents to address the problem.

This also assumes that the residents will agree to assistance, and that your budget includes moving assistance

If the residents themselves are financially responsible for the move, I would consider asking the existing building management (or you if it's w/i your work scope) to meet with the residents and identify family, contact them and ask them to work with the residents. Get all the family support you can.

I wouldn't tackle these massive and complex undertakings alone; you'll be blamed by the residents, who might refuse to cooperate.

And I would factor in these delays into your schedule, as you may very well find that the residents who need to declutter also are resisting moving out. This is when the county might be able to offer some social work or psychological support for working with these residents.

A lesser desirable alternative is to consider moving the stuff out into storage and avoiding the whole issue of decluttering and downsizing and the accompanying trauma. Obviously that's not an ideal situation, and only prolongs the need to address the clutter.

I wish you luck; this is going to be a challenging situation.

Posted: 6:04 pm. EST, 24 Aug. 2016.
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One suggestion is to contact the local agency on aging in your area. Ask if they have any resources to help seniors with hoarding issues.

I wish you a lot of luck as this is a very trying and difficult situation.
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