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In doing the spend down for my mom we did alot of dental work. Dental is iffy on Medicaid to nonexistent. Dental could easily chomp up 10 - 40K.

also if mom needs a walker, get it. The ones under Medicaid are as minimal as possible. DItto for hearing aids. If she's the type to loose them, get duplicates.
Also extra eyeglasses as this too is limited on Medicaid.

I'm assuming your attorney has all legal up to date, if not $$ spent down for that, And that mom has prepaid her funeral and burial policies and they are irrevocable NCV. If not, you can do those too. That will eat up another 7 - 10K.

Also if mom doesn't have a small ($ 1,500) term life insurance policy, get one. If she is really old it will cost almost it's value but it will give you some $ to pay for the small items you might need related to her funeral or to open probate.

On retrospect, I wish I had gotten more easy care and sturdy clothes and duplicate shoes for my mom and ditched her whole preNH wardrobe. The water and laundry machines are rough and her once lovely wardrobe was 86'd within the first 6 months. Shoes just flat walk out of her room. She loves those hideous SAS shoes as it seems all the ladies in the NH do. I Should have gotten 1/2 dz of two styles just to replace the ones lost. See if you can prepay for cable or phone or other NH expenses (like salon services) in advance, if those amenities are not included in her room & board. If she is a reader, advance subscriptions for large print magazines or book clubs. Good luck.
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I do have an Elder law atty.
She did suggest some things but I thought I may get more detailed info tips from others that did an irrev. trust.
Thank you
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I would recommend contacting an elder care attorney to help you find a list of allowable purchases under a 5 yr. look back in reference to an irrevocable trust in CT . When you are dealing with financial matters it is important that you get the most updated legal information in your particular area of residence. Wish we could help you more. Good luck.
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