Hi my mother is paralyzed after her third CVA. So to feed her we inserted nasogastric tube (thin one) because it was so hard to insert regular one. Anyway the nasogastric tube is thin, I only feed my mother now liquid type of food, for example I feed her the following every day:
1- breakfast - 1 bottle of ensure milk
Or 1 egg mixed with skimmed milk (make it as shake) - eggs twice a week only

2- lunch - soup -extract the water only and inject the water in the tube, or boil rice and inject the water only

3- dinner time - orange juice fresh home made or apple /caret juice or cucumber juice mixed with yogurt

I am trying to give her daily 500cc

Not sure what else I can give her, I do not want to block the tube and that's the limitation. Where she lives now we do not have nutrition specialist or even doctors to help. It is long story but the medical service here is very bad. I took my mother home to take care of her, she is 83.

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thanks for your reply Parathome01. I am really ok, it is my duty to help my mother no matter how difficult the task is but I want to do it right since here in Iraq the medical system/services are so bad beyond the imagination. It was so hard to find someone to insert nasogastric tube, maybe now you can have an idea about how well they are trained/educated.
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Lastnn30: Sorry to learn about your situation, but bless your heart for taking care of your mom. Where is the medical service city and state located? Do you have any family, caregiver service or friends available to help your mother out so that you can get some rest?
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