My soon to be 79-year-old father has Parkinson's, dementia and short term memory loss. He has resided in an Assisted Living facility for 3 years where they take excellent care of him and he is happy. He was diagnosed about 15 years ago. Other than this he is perfectly healthy and does not have a UTI. This problem started last week when he decided to go up to the nurses station and undo his pants and pee. Over the last few days he has pee'd on the floor in his room a few times, poo'd on his carpet and in his chair in his room. He has the mental capacity to undo his pants before going and then button and buckle them back after. We have no idea why this is happening other than progression of disease maybe. His doctor is bumping up his Seroquel meds a small amount to see if that will help. If not I will have to move him to a different facility and I don't want to do that because it took 2 years for him to get a routine down and that would just throw him all out of whack. Anyone else had this happen?

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I read where changing the color of the toilet seat might help, so that the person with memory loss can see the toilet much easier. Like right now it is white on white. Or ask the facility what they would recommend as they probably have been on this rodeo a few times.

Another reason could be that it hurts him to sit down on the toilet seat, maybe a raised toilet set with side grab bars might help. And time to get Dad some Depends. Depends makes undergarments that look and feel like regular underwear but there's no opening for peeing. My Dad had a problem of not getting to the bathroom on time.

Does the facility have an Assisted Living/Memory Care wing? My Dad had to move to that section once the Staff decided it was time. Dad didn't mind the move. In fact, there were more guys on that floor then in the regular Assisted Living.
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