My father had a stroke two months ago. He has improved a lot and can sit , walk for a meter only using his right foot/leg. Can eat , drink and his cognition and short term memory has improved.

He never used to procrastinate and always did stuff at earliest. He also never allowed anyone in family to give opinions on his decisions and always made his decisions and asked everyone to follow those. He was very good at most situations.

Now when he is not feeling as he used to , he still insists to go to work. He asks to call taxis, friends,relatives or anyone who can bring a car to take him to work. He does that around 400 times a day. and he has been doing this for weeks. He was very happy when we took him to work for couple of times but obviously he was not able to do much and was very tired when came back. So his mind is only occupied by this. He also calls business contacts to ask about deals that do not exist.

We try to keep him busy with chat, TV but he does not take interest in anything else. He constantly need support to sit, stand and go to toilet.

What can I do in this situation?

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Jim, that's an excellent idea! I especially like the idea of bringing products home - he can feel as if he's still involved in the selection and the creation of his product line.

I was wondering also if he could do something in the area of inventory management; it can be tedious, but time consuming and very involving. Perhaps that involvement needed to focus in on the overall direction of the firm, via inventory management and sales, might help him feel as though he's still in control and still directing the firm's course.

I wish you success in this, and hope that you'll write back with any comments and suggestions. I have been and am still in this mode - someone who's been active all his or her life benefits by keeping busy and still feeling as if there's still work for him or her to do.
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Thank you. He owns a garments business and He wants to work at shop and warehouse. I am already considering taking some products at home , provide him recent details and maybe show shop using a video stream.
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Create a workspace at home, so he can think he has an office. Create something for him to do, depending on what he did for a living.

Explain to him as well that working from home is standard in many industries, and that his employer prefers he work at home as it would be easier for him.

I don't know what his previous employment was, but start from there to create the home work projects.
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