my elderly father has an illness similar to psp but he does not have dementia so he is fully aware of his declining health. He is in a lovely care home but has to remain in bed as he has bed sores. when he eats or drinks he chokes a lot and has started to refuse to eat. the home wish to now discuss force feeding him but we feel he is not eating as he is loosing the will to live. His wife of 60 years died last year and other than his family visiting every day I think he feels he doesn't have anything to live for.should we allow him to be force fed or allow him to slip away as we believe he wants to?

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Agree with BarbBrooklyn. Force feeding is a definite NO NO especially if he is choking on the food. The last thing you want to do is add to his suffering with pneumonia from aspirated food.
Keeping someone in bed just because of bedsores is absolutely the worst thing. If he can get up and walk around a bit it will help his circulation which is essential for healing bedsores.
He may indeed be wishing to die and join his wife and it is very essential to honor those wishes. Let nature take it's course and bring him peace.
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Where is this care home located? Force feeding? Needing to remain in bed?
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Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is a movement disorder that occurs from damage to certain nerve cells in the brain. If your dad has something similar, as you state, I'd be discussing his medical care, treatment and nutrition with his doctor.

Who is his Health Care POA? Does he have an Advance Directive regarding his wishes for care?

Are his bed sores being addressed?
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