I keep thinking "what will happen if something happens to me at home" since Mom has no idea how to use a phone. Or if I am out and something happens that I can't get home or notify someone that she is home alone. We can leave her for a little bit to go to the store or something if we leave her a note stating where we went. If I am unconscious or have an accident and was unresponsive, someone would need to get in contact with other family members to let them know she's home or at her adult day program.

There is an alzheimer/dementia caregiver option with medicalert tags...not just for the person with the disease. So that if the caregiver has an accident or illness while out an about, the hospital will be able to alert that there is a vulnerable individual at home without care and the people you set up to be alerted can be notified.
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You can get cards to put in your wallet with the essential information on. They're usually something like:


Please contact (your nominated emergency contact person) on (telephone number).
Please notify (probably your local Sheriff's department, Adult Protective Services or similar responsible authority) that my dependant (name of dependent person) will need immediate support.

You can add an address if you like, but bear in mind that anyone might pick your wallet up. Phone numbers are safer.
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I was concerned about this too and ordered I.D. bracelets for both my husband and myself when we moved to a new town last year and we know NOBODY.... ...with: Name, birthdate, contact (ICE) phone number, blood type, St. Jude Pacemaker and Lewy body Dementia -- for my husband, and for myself I have my name, birthdate, blood type, contact (ICE) phone number. He takes his off and on a lot (fidgeting) so I keep it off and put it on him when we go anywhere in the car. He dropped the last one and the puppy ate it. lol. There are many styles, materials and some can be printed both sides...some just one. Have a look on can have it imprinted and sent in just a week or so. It is a little bit of security knowing we won't be Jane and John Doe is we are killed in a car wreck. #alwaysthinking3stepsahead
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Put a note in your purse or wallet next your driver’s license identification. The note should indicate that you live with your Mother and you are her only caregiver and explain that she is helpless. Give instructions who to contact to help her ASAP. Alternatively request that a social worker place your mother temporarily in a nursing home until you can get out the hospital. While you are in a store or at medical/dental appointment you can get a Computer App, like called Alfred, You can set up the App with another computer, like an IPad, with a camera to monitor your mother at home on your iPhone while your away. It is like a live baby monitor. I used it for my LO who I placed in bed for a nap while I went to see my dentist.
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Get on Amazon and search for "Emergency Tags". There's a whole slew of different types that can be personalized for your needs. Key fobs, bracelets, necklaces.
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Write Down everything and put on Refrigerator Door..

Write down all emergency ph numbers and things that should be done and give a copy to whomever you trust to do your wishes. Maybe to your next door neighbor.

You could always instate where you call someone every day at the same time and if they don't hear from you they can call the Police to do a Well Check.

You yourself can wear a necklace where you can push a button to call for help.

You could also keep a note in your billfold stuck with your Dr License stating to chk on your mom at home if something happens to you.

Hide a house key outside in case of an emergency.

Install a camera so you can keep a watch on her 24 7 while you are away.
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Tothill Aug 17, 2021
40 years ago there was a company that sold a package that included a card for your wallet, a sticker for your fridge and a container for your freezer.

The wallet card indicated there were medical concerns. My grandfather had lung cancer. The sticker on the fridge indicated that there was more information in the fridge freezer. Plus contact numbers.

The container in the freezer had more information, lists of medications, family contacts, medical history.
Keep an “In Case of Emergency “ notification in your cars, wallet, purse etc. in a place where it is easily visible/found.
Notify a friend or family member when you must leave her alone. If no one can come and stay with her then at the very least promise them that you will call when you arrive back home. Make sure you call or this strategy will be like “calling wolf”. If you don’t call (because something has happened) they should be ready to activate whatever emergency plan you agree on.

Try not to leave her home alone - not a good idea. I know - easier said than done.
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If Mom is not capable of working a phone, you may want to look at some options that will assist in keeping Mom engaged and safe.
you may want to look in your area for an adult daycare center, perhaps one of your local churches has a senior center that mom could participate in, or into some private duty home health care companions to be with mom and do some activities with her. Being alone can cause anxiety and depression. The more stimulated mom can be, the less agitated, or anxious she can become when you are not available. You also want to look throughout the home to make sure it is safe for her, no tripping hazards, and sit down and write down your concerns, and your options that are available to you. Reach out to local Alzheimer’s and dementia centers, the Alzheimer’s Association, your local office for aging, and any other senior support services in your area to assist you. Looking at options will help to ease your anxiety about mom being alone as well.Not one person can alone take care of their aging parents. Utilize whatever services are available to you. Wishing you the best!
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An Apple watch with Fall Detection and Emergency SOS could be a part of your plan. There is no monthly charge for this. The initial investment in purchase is worth it to me. In my phone and watch are all medical and emergency information and I.D., plus contact information for my next of kin. The phone/watch automatically calls 911 and my son. Of course, my son knows that my father lives with me and he would contact the Adult Care Center and my neighbors if something happened to me.

So far, that's the best solution I've come up with, but I'm also looking for ideas. My father does not know how to make calls anymore either. I know there is a large sized phone for the elderly which has pictures on speed dial positions. I think that 911 could be programmed in. I'm going to search Amazon. Thanks for starting this thread. It is an important topic.
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Marylepete Aug 17, 2021
After trying a couple different medical help pendants I now have the Apple Watch and would not be without it. My son insisted I get it. I felt extra comfortable when I was my husbands care giver, before he entered the hospital and nursing home. He would not have known how to call 911 even on our landline, if I fell. We would have both been without help. It is extra security where ever I am. At home, walking, driving, etc. And I like all the other features, like being able to set alarms to remind me to take my medication, etc. I no longer have the landline and it is nice to have my watch/phone with me at all times.
Post signs on the doors going outside with information.

It might also be a good idea to consider that somebody needs to be with your mom 24/7 - even for short absences.
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