Like said, more info needed.

How old is your friend? Is she showing signs of Dementia/ALZ. Is she mobile? Continent? Could she fly alone or would need help since Conn is probably a 3 day trip by car. These all factor in.

Have her children suggested it? Do they work? Can she be left alone or will they need to hire caregivers and can they or her afford it. Medicare Advantage insurance doesn't go over state lines. She would have to reapply for what is available in Conn. Same with supplimentals if not on MA. Medicaid, is there a possibility that she may need it within the year. Medicaid is different in every state and you need to reside in that state for a period of time to receive benefits.

Its nice to want to be near family but her moving near them will empack them greatly if she needs any kind of care. It means new doctors too. Conn is also not a cheap place to live if she plans to be on her own. Does the family have room for her. All this has to be considered.
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Your profile is blank so I’m presuming here. Not to be harsh, but unless this friend has specifically asked you what you think about her moving, MYOB. The entire process of her moving to Connecticut is up to her to organize and put into effect. If her children are on board with the move, all the better. But if they aren’t, still not your business.

Is she asks for help, do what you can. Don’t state your opinion or give advice unless she asks for it. You don’t want her to use your advice with her children if things don’t go well in Connecticut, “Well, Madge said I should move up here!” This is an issue for your friend and her family to work out on their own.
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That sounds like a good idea as long as the children are truly settled in Connecticut. If they move around the country frequently, it might not be a very good idea.
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And?? Is there a question?
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