My mother last night was sitting with me and my sister. My mother upset that my sister and I are fighting. My mother sat there and every 5 minutes would look at the clock and say oh it is 8:15 than look at the clock and say 8:20 and than again 5 minutes later. My sister said she is tired and wants to go to bed. Just wondering what that could mean.

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Thank you. This makes some logic to me. As far as my sister and me, I have requested that many times but she enjoys putting her comments in front of my mother. I try to ignore her and say I am here to visist mother and not you. She is the caregiver right now for my mother. She is stressed, plus she is other things. Thank you again.
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If she was upset, she may have been casting about for something to anchor her, something to distract her. Time, or rather KNOWING the time, is something that can help orient a person. Sounds like she was just knocked off her pins a bit, and trying to get back on.
Is there some way you and your sister could agree to keep disagreements away from her? Maybe not, but it seems worth asking.
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