And wheelchairs for Medicaid patients in Illinois nursing homes?
[See the end of this post for additional details regarding my question above] Several weeks ago I posted a question about verbal and emotional abuse and general neglect that my family and I had witnessed at the nursing home where my dad was located. I appreciate all the feedback I got from this group can say that it prompted me to push ahead and find a new place for him. Our major concern about finding a new place is that he is on Medicaid and many people told us that Medicaid bed are scarce and it would be difficult or impossible to find a place that would take him without at least several months of paying out of pocket. Well today I am thrilled to report that I found a new NH for him and he transferred there on Monday of this week! Granted he just got there but I can't understate the difference between this facility and where he was in terms of the overall vibe, the positive and responsive attitude of staff, noise level, and the willingness to explain to my mom what their plans are to get my dad assessed and acclimated (e.g., doctor visits, physical therapy, med check, etc). So for those of you who might be discouraged by a lack of nursing home options for your parent on Medicaid, don't give up! Ask everyone you know if they have family members in a facility and what they think of it, keep visiting other nursing homes, ask for recommendations from social workers at the homes that don't have a bed available, and compare the rating systems that can be found online (Yelp, Angie's List). Also don't be swayed only by the Nursing Home Compare data that is posted at awful place my dad just left had 5 stars in al but one category!
Back to my question about Medicaid coverage of incontinence supplies and wheelchairs. The new place my dad is in provides both at no additional cost. The old place required that my mom buy Depends and keep a supply there. They also charged her $35/month for the use of a wheelchair. I don't understand why one place covers these costs for Medicaid patients while the other one did not. It's a little fishy IMHO.

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It does sound fishy. Medicaid pays for incontinence supplies (at least in this state) and Medicare pays for wheelchairs. Many nursing homes have wheelchairs on hand.

I imagine that one place charged for them because they could. Was that by any chance an assisted living facility?

I am so glad you were persistent and found a better place for Dad. You will still have to keep your eyes open and be his advocate, but that is so much easier when the basic attitude of staff is responsiveness.
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