My mom also has the seat riser to help her getting up from the toilet. I am looking for an inexpensive or reasonable one?

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There are bidet seats you can install on a normal toilet for about $100; more expensive models included heated water and a heated seat sell for $200-400 (remember you may need an electrician to install a GPS outlet in the bath for the heated options).
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There are a couple of cheap options advertised on this site (senior care products at the bottom of the page). And not all bidets use cold water, some even have a blow dry option.
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Ahmijoy May 14, 2019
Thanks for taking me to school. I never knew there were such fancy ones. Wish I had room in my bathroom for one!
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Research Medical Supply companies and also bath fixture sites (like Koehler). But, keep in mind that bidets use cold water. B-r-r-r!
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