My father (age 89) has been admitted to the hospital multiple times. Each time he has had a UTI. A couple times we asked them to test for it, and they did not for a couple of days, increasing his length of stay at the hospital.

His symptoms:

Inability to speak. Disorientation. Confusion. Instability.

They check him for stroke, which has been ruled out every time. Next they look at cardiac. Which he was just released and removed from all of his Cardio meds. The last 2 times they have said it is a seizure.

They performed a CAT scan that was normal, they did not do an MRI, because the ER Dr said it was a reaction from the infection. Neurology has put him on seizure medicine which we don’t think he needs.

Every time he is on an antibiotic for a few hours, he returns back to normal.

We think he needs preventative care for UTI and other infections yet the hospital Dr’s will not address this request, nor will they provide any proof of seizure. This is suppose to be a respected hospital, yet I feel like they are milking the elderly, and medicare for money.

There is no preventative care. Also, we wanted to meet with the Social Worker and were never contacted or visited during his stay. Now he is being discharged to home where the same thing will happen again.

ERs are not good places to get ongoing care for an elder.

You need to go to an appointment with his regular pcp to address these issues.
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This surprises me. UTIs are usually the first thing they check for. They are very serious in men.
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You have answered your questions; money
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