Once they put in in his throat at midnight... he pulled it out. They said it was to help him with a feeding tube, but my dad is with hospice, and I don't see them doing this. He cannot swallow anymore, not even water. Are they looking for something? He is bleeding and they have taken him off of pradaxa, with a pradaxa bind? The doctors and hospital are not very forthcoming with their answers. We have to wait for a answer, then they go ahead while we are gone to perform procedures, to me are invasive. The doctor told me they would never do an invasive procedure without calling or telling us first. But, last night at midnight, they tried twice to insert the tubing. Help!.... are they just leading us around in a circle? Also, his family dr who is in charge of hospice in this county, is always gone on vacation, or is in his room at 6:00am, knowing we are not there.

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Who has his medical power of attorney? Can they specify no feeding tube? Did your dad have any kind of living will that said no heroic measures?
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His doctor is the Hospice manager/dictator...... hospice will not do anything without her say so.... she is always gone...does what she wants....does not tell us anything.... and Hospice HAS not done anything except here our concerns and say they have to talk to the dad is laying there dying, and I have no one, or no where to turn..... no doctor here in this small town will go against her. I can understand.....she rules the totally helpless, older, sickly people of 3 surrounding counties and they want help when they need it....
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I am surprised with your Dad being on Hospice that the doctors/hospital are doing this. I would contact Hospice and get their advice. The Hospice nurses can also give you information, and also be the go between with the Hospice doctor.
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