In an effort to prepare for the worst, I may have to care for a bed bound senior. How are overnight diapers? How long can they be reasonably be left on for? I know this all depends on output, but I'm looking for a ballpark.

We've used some that are really good and absorbent. We order from HDIS and use their house brand called Reassure. What we used prior to her being bed bound are the overnight premium underwear. Now we use Reassure with the side tabs. Both are excellent products and my senior has a good output. They'll send out samples if requested.
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In my case, because I am awake and able to change him as needed, I use off the shelf incontinence briefs for my husband. But at night, I use the more expensive ones. North shore Medical Supply has quite a few in different styles to chose from depending on the needs. I like the tab ones better than the pull-on ones.
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