My husband has dementia and is now in diapers, especially at night. I also have pads underneath him. Some nights the diapers work beautifully but some nights the pads are wet, his t-shirt is wet and the diaper is almost dry! I check the elastic around his legs when I put the diaper on but figure I must be doing something wrong or I wouldn't be getting this outcome. I buy the best quality diapers I can find and they seem to fit him perfectly. I can't figure this out but maybe someone else can. Any suggestions?

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Thank you all for your answers and suggestions. While I am not aware of his adjustings during the night, I thought perhaps this could be the problem. So now I am off to invest in Tide and Unstoppables!
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Back when I was diapering baby boys, the position of the penis determined if the diaper did its job. One of my sons often had his hand in his diaper rearranging things. Generally that is when the pee shot straight out the top of the diaper soaking his shirt.

I would expect similar results with men needing diapering. If he is adjusting or even if he is getting an erection during the night that can change the position and lead to leaks.
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I'm not sure if this helps, but for my mom, I went to the local medical supply place and found a very nice and helpful person. She helped me find Attends which holds a lot more liquid than depends does. there are also inserts one can add (they look like pads for menstruating). So maybe a medical supply place can give you some advice? The one closest to me was unhelpful. Maybe call around until you find a helpful one.

Also, has an "ask a nurse" section. I've not tried them for advice, but maybe they can help.
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Sorry those caring for men aren't jumping in with an answer, I don't have any first hand experience in that department. I do know from reading on the forum that you need to pay attention to the position of his penis, you also should pay attention to whether he tends to adjust things in a way that causes the urine to miss the padding. You might also want to pay attention to how much he is drinking later in the day.
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