I live in the boston area. My mom lives in St. Pete fla, more than 15 years ago she had a couple of Tia's that caused some vision issues but nothing major. After some testing in early 2003 she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. But she never really showed the type of symptoms associated with that and never really has, about 3-4 years after that she her diagnosis was amended to vascular dementia. About 4-5 years ago she started getting bouts of vision problems, unsteadiness on her feet and then more recently throwing up. She's in her mid 70s now. Everytime she goes to a dr down there they basically send her home. My father is Ill equipped to deal with it and has recently sent her to hospice in Clearwater. I have been lobbying for her to get out of that area come here and see someone at the mgh or Brigham & Womens - but they don't think their insurance will cover out of state. Not sure what else to do. Anyone?

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If dad not in subsidized living or whatever. Even if she in hospice they have great hospice Boston. Doesnt make sense for you to
move to FL and make less money less benefits as FL is a
non commonwealth and a nonwelfare state. NO matching
state funds only Federal funds by law must distribute
And state pd to do that. A great
and no frills Cardiologist is Andrew D Rosenthal at the Hea
rt Institute. He was recommended as An adult cardiologist to thajke over for pediactric carologist considered one of two best c.surgeons in world each day othet is better Personally told to me by both. humility goes a long way.
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Symptons. Have found Drs. Who have tacked multi factorial
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more brain damage and incresingly less dementia. Though the ST memory hasnt recovered because Nsg Home refusing to Supplypharmacutical nutrition Fortunately Amerigroup agreed TNT peptid necessary for FTT and issue nation wide and lawsuit FL with Nursinghomes. Supplementing inferior product Jevity which even manufacturer says causes bloat which looks good on ekderly so nsghomes like that.
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malnutrition problem solved one of dx was also vascular dementia . Anyway .
If it wrre my parents I would bring them up there if there no one else down here. Much better to be close for the one in dementia care and out greiving. Yes it may take a bit but take them both up to you. you care.Your father needs support at this time and bringing the family closer will give all peace of mind and comfort. Dad can rtransfer and.maintain status as 6mo resident in FL with Perm resident in Mass no benefit loss dr. can arrange for 6mo. med. pick nationwide pharmacy. delivery even better.. When you apply for her do not include her as your household apply as seperate household .Soc Sec Has volonteers to help with extra benefit applications for medicare. And Mass has its own to be applied for. luck and bless you. Hospice possibly can assist with transfer also They are thrre for you to While you are at it make sure your father has someone assigned to vare for him ehen he cannt. These stressful timrd. Yes lobe your mother and make plrasant memorus for the survivord and pleasent times for your mothers enjoyment of your presence. hosbajk22 bless you in your endevors.

I am in St Pete.
1. To take her to you become her DCF authorized appointed Represenative then you can apply to transfer benefits to Mass. where parents actually will have more monetary benefits for medical available. Some of best cardiologists asre here. A above DCF authorized represenative payee this includes Area on aging Longterm care benefits Medicaid and as such rep you can file for Medicare extra care benefits.
Now for out of state issue .
Florida recognizes 6 month residency. So you file for benefits for her
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MaryLou88, the woman is on Hospice. There are no more MD appointments, just medications to relieve pain.
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Several issues here. 1st do you really know how your mother's health is? Maybe on her next doctor's appointment you could come down, get permission to be with her during the appointment. Talk to the doctor, before you do that, do your homework and see what you can and cannot do. 2nd find out what's going on with your dad, is he having issues? They may need help and are afraid of asking for it. He maybe overwhelmed with his health and hers. 3rd be ready to hear some heavy duty facts. Some doctors are very caring and truly want to help their patients with their quality of life, but there is only so much they can do. A lot depends on the patients, their abilities to maintain their health, and their will. Maybe a short trip to visit them and find out what is happening would be a good idea. Love them and help them as much as you can.
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If you don't think you can get her up to you, then go down and be her advocate. Investigate the best local doctors in her plan and get her into see one of them. They're the ones who would do follow-up care anyway, so it's probably better to have someone local see her and give you good info.
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' but they don't think their insurance will cover out of state.'. Can you investigate for them? Medicare covers the entire US. If she is covered by Medicaid, that may be an issue, still you can make the calls and check.
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I'm an Internist. Perhaps plavix, or, if she has a heart arrhythmia, Warfarin, could prevent further Damage, if it's Not Too Late.
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TIA's never end with "a couple of", no, they are insidious and persistent and lead to "vascular dementia". Vision problems suggest TIA's on the retina as well. Health insurance will not work outside of the network (state) as health care plans run within a given state. She has chosen Hospice, which means she does not want further medical interventions. Time for you to go down and say your goodbyes. Ask for an FMLA leave. So sorry.
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