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It could be that her taste has changed. If she able, try watermelon, regular or sugar-free popsicles or jello.
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Thanks to all that answered!!! Just a BAD day, she sucked down fluids today. I was tired and overreacted - sorry, been doing this almost 7 years now. You’d think I would know better. Let me just say, when things get dark in my world and nobody else in my life “really” gets exactly where I am, all of you out there in AC forum world are my saving grace. Thank you for willingness to share, open up and LISTEN. I try as many times as I can to contribute, I hope at least 1 thing I’ve ever posted has helped at least 1 person. Good luck to ALL in your own struggle.
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Ahmijoy Aug 20, 2019
Hugs and understanding from all of us. Come back as often as you can. Someone is here 24/7. ❤️❤️
As CWillie,says, there could be many reasons why your mom is refusing the drink fluids other than she is about to pass away. Has she seen a doctor recently? It could be a sore throat. She may have had issues swallowing at one point, may have swallowed wrong and is now afraid to drink anything. Call her facility or her doctor and ask for her to be seen.
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How long has she been refusing liquids?
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Your profile says your mother is living in IL, if that is correct then I doubt her dementia is advanced to the final stage unless she has some other life threatening health problems.
Is she still eating?
Do you have some idea why she isn't drinking? Could she be having trouble swallowing (dysphagia)? Or perhaps even something like a sore throat that makes swallowing painful?
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