Why every so often does my father get up from his chair and walk into another room and urinate on the floor? He also used to chew tobacco, which he has not done in 10 or so years, but he will spit out "tobacco " as if he does have it in his mouth? My mother will also sometimes seeing him putting his hand up to his mouth like he is holding a glass and drinks out of it--of course there is not a glass in his hand. Is he hallucinating, going back in time?

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He is confused - as the answer above says, his brain is not processing or interpreting current information correctly. Now what he is doing makes perfect sense to him, based on something he remembers from before, it's just not at all in sync with what is really going on now. They say with Alzheimer's that more recent memories are lost first, so it is common for someone with it to start to think things are as they were many years ago. Sorry you are having to watch this happen, it really is heartbreaking!...but I am sure it is a blessing for Dad to have you in his life to help him, even if he stops recognizing people he can at least know that he is cared for.
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You have to understand his brain is not functioning correctly now. He will do all kinds of weird and strange things from Alzheimers or Dementia as his brain deteriorates. It sounds like he is hallucinating. It could be from the Alzheimers, but I would check with the doctor to ensure he wasn't "overmedicated" too which could cause hallucinations also. Good luck!!
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