My dad owns his home and to live there till his death. but financial matters are in the way. he need work done on the house and needs a newer car. and money to pay the taxes and insurance on the house. i and my family not sure how we can help him stay there. his has some saving but not enough to even live off for a year time. hie doesn't want to sell the house at all. we can figure out what to do???

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Fort Mill Care Center – While all resources are dependent upon availability, qualified people may be able to get help for rent, free food, and other emergency aid. 513 Banks St, Fort Mill, South Carolina 29715, call (803) 547-7620.
For home repairs, ask about the county run weatherization program.
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For house repairs: contact Habitat for Humanity and your father's comomunity's local building inspection department and the senior center, if there is one. Some communities get HUD funds annually which are designated for emergency repairs. It varies by community and by year.

Some churches also have home repair programs. Christmas in Action is another organization that provides volunteers for home repairs.

As to the car and taxes, I don't know of any help there - maybe others here will know of some agency that might help. This is a tough issue.

A social worker might have some suggestions, as might your county's aging/senior services, if that kind of department exists. It does vary by county.

Wish I could offer more suggestions but I just don't know of any way to get financial assistance other than what I've written.
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