My dad’s hallucinations have diminished quite a bit this past month. At least he doesn’t seem to “report” them as much. He often overemphasizes that he remembers a date, detail, etc and says things like “see...I’m not as crazy as you thought I was” can he just be keeping everything that’s going on in his brain to himself? I’m sure if so, it can’t last long. But is this possible? Common?

Drop back five and punt, to use a football saying. Go with it. Say, “Great, Dad! Good for you!” My mom would be very lucid when I got there, and by the time I left, she’d be telling me boys were coming through the walls to steal her dirty underwear. It changes from minute to minute. Just the nature of the disease. No rhyme or reason. Basically, just go with it. Don’t argue or correct. Just go with it.
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