Dad has new behaviors to deal with. Any advice?


So on Friday when I visited dad the director informs me that dad, who is in a wheelchair, pulled one of the fire extinguishers from the wall, removed the pin and was spraying the floor. Today he got another off the wall, pulled the pin, messed with the hose but didn’t spray. The other is I put cookies, Carmel corn in ziploc bags and yesterday one of the aides caught him trying to eat the bag???



My question, in a facility like that why aren't the fire extinguishers behind glass. It could be rigged for easy assess for employees but not for residents.
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This new behavior may be a result of all those health issues! If so, they will eventually clear up as he recovers his health. That may take longer than you'd expect, though.

Or, it could be a reaction to medications. I'll bet he has been given some new drugs because of his illnesses. When the drug is out of his body the behaviors should stop.

It could also be the progress of his dementia. In that case the changes are permanent.

What was the result of your discussion with the head nurse?
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Not recently. In the past month he had the norovirus, a week later a gout attack and then a fungal infection on his feet. He has been up and down with sleeping/wakefulness and being quiet/talking to himself. I’ll be chatting with the head nurse tomorrow so they’ll know what to do.
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Has he been checked for a uti recently?
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