Dad has me up every 20 min. at night. I need to sleep. Any suggestions?


Tried Benadryl and some OTC sleep aids guess will talk with Dr.... Also worried he will be soaking wet and or soiled

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Sami, that's more of a problem, yes? It's like you hear him up, don't want him to fall, so you're up, too. We don't sleep like babies, we sleep like there's a baby in the next room. ;)

Doctors are even hesitant to prescribe sleeping pills for an older senior who'll be getting up. Can make them even MORE unsteady on their feet.

Try playing the guilt card...tell him how badly you need a good night's sleep. Depending on the level of any dementia he may have, maybe that'll resonate with him.

It's hard.
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He can get up alone but is a fall risk.... He has things he wants to do is his usual excuse for getting up.... Vegaslady I am capable of giving my Dad Benadryl thank you very much!
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Ask his doctor for sleeping pills and a mild pain reliever. Give them both to him with some applesauce right at bedtime. Put him men's Depends briefs for the night. Explain he's wearing them so he doesn't have to get up during the night to pee. Buy a waterproof pad for the bed. Walgreen's has them just for that purpose.

The first night, if he gets you up to pee? Don't get him up. Tell him you both need your sleep, and he needs to pee in his protective briefs. See what happens. ;)

I can tell you right now that if you don't get to sleep uninterrupted, you're going to burn out fast.

I'm assuming here, that he can't get up by himself. If he CAN, then that's another story.
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Why is he getting you up? Is that because he thinks he has to go? Who is getting the Benadryl or other self prescribed or him? Don't administer these to him. Go to the doctor for his problem. Deal with his incontinence...there are plenty of tips here. Who is worried about the bed? Protect it as best you can. If you aren't sleeping you will be a total mess. Deal with the medical problems, then figure out how to tune out the issue and get some sleep.
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