My father lives alone and has congestive heart failure, which he takes medication for. He has circulatory problems in his legs also. He has balance issues, which he went to rehab for and while he got stronger in rehab, the balance issues still persist. He uses a walker to walk and has falls from time to time, never seriously injured, just bruises and scrapes. His recent injury concerns me though because he can't remember what happened. He has a black eye and scrape on his chin, but swears he didn't fall and doesn't know how he got the injuries. Do you think this means he had a stroke or a heart attack and passed out? I would take him to the doctor to be checked, but he is very stubborn and doesn't want to go.

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This has happened on more than 1 occassion with my FIL. He ended up having a mild brain bleed - which can be serious and needs addressed. He also had a mild concussion once. I would take him to the Emergency Room or Dr office and get checked out even if he appears okay to rule out a brain bleed or concussion or mini stroke that might not be evident. You don't want to let these things go with the elderly as they will always be reluctant for any care; because it can lead to worse complications or something more serious later.
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Maybe. But any kind of blow to the head includes the possibility of forgetting the period immediately surrounding the blow. So if he fell and hit his head on the coffee table he wouldn't necessarily remember it.

I hope that you can overcome his stubbornness and get him examined, to rule out a brain bleed and to determine if he needs any treatments. He's probably thinking that he doesn't need treatment for a black eye and a scrape, and he is right ... but it would be good to find out if there are any internal issues that need to be addressed.
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