He was drafted in the army on October 6, 1958 in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. He was promoted June 8, 1959 to P.F.C. then again October 10,1960 to SP/4. He's done training and domestic service in: Ft. Jackson, S.C. and Ft. Benning, Ga. @ Sand Hill 2nd Division. Citations and awards: Good conduct medal and awards of athletics in football and baseball. He was released October 5, 1960. Rank SP/4.

Can anyone please tell me if he would be eligible for a military service?

Daughter trying to give her father the best.

I tried to get my father’s records from WW2 and was told his records were burned in the St Louis fire in 1974. I was told I could request records of his paychecks that may help me in recreating his Army records. I was heartbroken. I wish you luck!
I hope your dad’s records are intact. Sounds like you want to give him a Military funeral.
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All good wishes to you and your father, Wilton. I hope the links Glad has posted below will help you find everything you need quickly.
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wilton Oct 28, 2018
you are so sweet. thanks for your thoughts
wilton Oct 28, 2018
thanks you don't know how much this means to me.
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