How to control urinating accidents?

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My husband has trouble walking and gets into the bathroom in time to pee all over the floor and his clothes. He wears jeans with a belt and will not use a pad. Lots of clothes, rugs and towels to wash. I have asked him to try sweats that don't take so much time to unbutton and unzip. He refuses and says he will try harder not to spill. I hid his jeans yesterday and he is angry. What else can I do?

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When you figure it out let me know.. I have a bad back and neck, and spend so much time cleaning in the bathroom. If I take a day off it smells so bad from his meds.. I just spoke to my husband and of course he thinks I am making a big deal of it..He just tried to clean it before I see it and makes more of a mess Its one of those things that just irritates me, other things I let slide.
My husband also has the same issue (PD and Dementia) and has been urinating all over our family room carpet. He doesn't realize he has to go until it's too late. I have him wearing sweat pants or shorts as well as PJ bottoms to make it easier to change him. I usually try and get him to use the plastic urinal every couple of hours to see if he will go but I can't watch him every second. He also wears the maximum strength Depends which helps. I know it's frustrating but I have learned to live with it and I know he doesn't realize what he is doing.
Haband sells nice looking elastic waist pants- my husband resisted at first but I gave away all his regular slacks and he had to wear them. So much easier!
Throw out all underwear. He won't want to go commando.

I keep a basket in front of the toilet and keep it filled with Depends, flushable wipes and toilet paper. You may want to keep a copy of his favorite magazine there, too, to make it look "normal." At bedtime and morning, I place a piece of paper on top of the pile that says, "Please change your Depends." It's working at my house!

(I also put out notes at morning and night both at the sink and at Mom's bed, where I place her clothes/pajamas, so she doesn't have to keep asking, "What do I do now?")
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I had the same problem with my husband. I too switched to simple sweat pants, maximum strength Depends, and tried to have him use the urinal frequently. Still, sometimes he would just pull down the pants and let go. It is very frustrating, but the dementia is in control and there is really nothing you can do. Even trying to explain that he is wearing Depends and to simply "let go" did not make any sense to him. As soon as I noticed him trying to pull down his pants, I just held his hands with one hand, put the other in front and said "go", and he did. It seems the pulling down of the pants is so deeply ingrained, even the dementia doesn't override the "toilet training" as a toddler.
Besides keeping an eye on times he might want to go, I put the bed pads in front of his chair, and in the bedroom I put a plastic tablecloth (securely fastened to the floor to prevent tripping) over the carpet. He only had a few steps from the bed to the bathroom. Accidents still happened, but are much easier to clean.
Once he was totally bedridden, he still would try to push his Depends aside to urinate. For some reason, to wet his pants was something that went totally against his grain, although the dementia stole everything else from him; even the ability to feed himself. It is frustrating, yes, but also heart breaking to see your once so active and intelligent husband in this condition.
It is not easy, but try to be patient and loving. I know what you are going through and my thoughts are with you.
My opinion only, but I have found that the Tena for men pull ups hold more than the depends. They also feel more like regular underwater. The other thing you could try is getting him into the bathroom on a schedule so his bladder isn't completely full when he has to go.
Oh my gosh, get him one of those little urinals for men (too bad women don't have it this easy) where he can just drop his drawers and pee into the plastic thing right where he is. Much easier than cleaning up (if he can hit the target ok). We had one for my dad and it was great. Google "men's urinal bottle". Wal-Mart has them for less than $6. They have an attached lid/cap that you can put on while carrying it to the toilet to empty.
Yes, yes!! the urinals, that are also used in hospitals. That is something I forgot to mention in my earlier note: I had one next to his chair, one next to the bed and one in the bathroom. Thanks, blannie, for mentioning them - I don't know how I could have managed the problem without them.
It's important to talk with your physician about managing incontinence to determine the best plan. There are many options that need to be discussed including behavioral therapy, diet modification, medication, surgery, and incontinence products. Unfortunately, many rush to incontinence products as the solution without weighing all the other factors first. If he needs an incontinence product, it needs to be the right product, in the right size, and rightly applied, otherwise he will have problems.
Plants can sometimes absorb odors, and they look nice as well. Sometimes, my mother wears two Depends. In addition, there are advantages to not having new things in the home, such as carpets, sheets, etc., for mishaps, as it doesn't matter as much if they get stained.

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