I am told there is a way to be compensated for caring for my elderly FIL?


I drive everyday to Chandler. He is hard of hearing, has macular degenerative disease, and some arthritis in his back. Does not cook, and is hard of hearing. He does have hearing aids. I help keep his house clean, administer minimal meds, (prilosec, advil). He is very forgetful of directions when we are out. Does not cook, looses hearing aids, nd gets lot when he is out walking, sometimes. He is remembers so much, but then randomly will forget other things he has done for years. I took a medical leave from work to be able to go over everyday. After 3 pm, he sends me home and gets ready to watch TV, and is in for the rest of the day. He looks after 2 cats and a dog, which I clean up after. We have neurology approval for me to look after him, and a drs note other wise. He can still shower, and use the bathroom no problem. He is starting to fall more. He still does like to walk his dog around the block. He is 90.

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Yes, there is a way of being compensated. Your Dad-in-law can pay you to be his caregiver. https://www.agingcare.com/articles/personal-care-agreements-compensate-family-caregivers-181562.htm
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