My brother with advanced dementia is only 50. Should I care that he is not getting the proper sleep?


At night I put him to bed, but he gets up, dresses,and sleeps on top of the bed with his dog. He loves that dog so much, that I wonder if he thinks of it as a girlfriend. He not only pets his dog, but actually messages it.

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If he enjoys his dog, I would just smile. People with dementia don't have much to enjoy, so the dog is probably good for him. I wouldn't worry if he got redressed to sleep with the dog. Often what people with dementia do makes sense to them. However, if he is not sleeping I would talk to the doctor about adding something to help him rest.
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Hi ajnalikat, it is important that people with Alz. (and everyone, for that matter) get proper rest. Is he on any medications for his dementia? and has he recently been seen by his doctor? The reason I ask is that some medications can cause sleep disturbances, also it is possible that he needs something to help him sleep. But I'm somewhat confused, is he waking up a lot or is it just when he gets up to re-dress? If it is just the one-time and he's sleeping well (dressed and on top of his bed) I wouldn't worry too much about it. People with dementia (especially Alz.) often do 'different' things and he may just feel more comfortable being fully dressed. Please let me know and in the meantime blessings to you and your brother, Lindaz
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