Can't figure this site out


Im having hard time finding my answers to questions it took two weeks to see some of them ,I can't. contact aging care ,Im pretty good at computer ,Wish it said in box . Sue

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I do not like this new layout at all.
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Hi SuzyQ,
If you are logged in, your picture appears at the top right. If you are looking to navigate directly to your posts on the caregiving forum, click on your profile picture to access the menu of profile pages. Activity displays all of the posts you have created. Newsfeed provides access to all of the recent activity on content or people who you have chosen to follow. Let us know if we can help with anything else!
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Click on your own avatar and you will be given the options to go to your profile, news feed, activities or settings pages. Activity will show you everything you have posted and you can get to your threads from there, news feed should show you any new posts to threads you are following or any messages or hugs you receive.
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AgingCareCM Aug 17, 2018
Thanks cwillie, you beat me to it!
It is confusing. Its a new layout and may need to work out the glitches.

In search at top right, put in your ID. It will bring up ur question, then click on replies.
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