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I was just looking into this because my mom with Parkinsons is having a lot of issues chewing. I have heard great things about baby food, I was going to try that but ended up going with Mom's Meals instead. It's a gourmet pureed meal kit. It's expensive, I spent $100 for 10 meals (that was the minimum!) and mom hated the texture. Go figure.
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Just lost my entire post, with links, so this is just a synopsis:

Gordon Food Stores sells pureed foods; I believe you have to buy them by the case, and they may have to be ordered.

Hormel offers a variety of foods, but I believe you can only buy them online.  

I found nothing in stores other than baby foods, but I thought they were too limited in selection.   I was trying to focus on a varied selection for an adult.

One important consideration is the level of dysphagia, whether it requires "mechanical soft" or pureed foods, and within the latter category there are both allowed and not allowed foods.

The speech therapist or pathologist who D'X'ed dysphagia should tell you which level applies to your loved one's dysphagia.

This subject is raised periodically here.   There are other threads which you may find helpful:

I got tired of looking and finding only very high priced ready-pureed foods, so I bought one of these small choppers/puree'ers and it worked perfectly for us.
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I have purchased baby/toddler food for someone sensitive to textures, etc and it seems to work.   I have also seen squash, mashed cauliflower, and probably other things as well in the frozen food section.
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