In Phoenix AZ zip 85020, I would LIKE to KNOW the AVERAGE COST of:

Meals on Wheels;

IN HOME assistance/care per hour, per day, per week, and per month.

PLEASE email me with ANY INFORMATION you have available for THESE services WITHOUT me having to CALL OR be CALLED by ALL the different companies and services OUT THERE.


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You are asking questions on a forum that is comprised not of companies but of people who are giving care to their elders, or have. Or are getting care. Over on the right side of this forum you see "sponsors ads" which is the case on most web sites and how they make enough money to support the web site. So if you click on an AD they will ask you for information.
If you ask a question here, which you just did, you are only talking to us "folks" out here who don't provide services. Our knowledge comes from having USED services.
Eventually I am afraid you are down to googling in your area who does this kind of service, and yes, when you speak with them they will likely ask you for information.
Here is the little bit I know in my own state. Meals on Wheels is free, but they do ask for a donation if you can afford it. There is one meal a day.
As to care in the home I have only checked out a few in my brother's area. One was Visiting Angels, which from what I gather is a company that sells franchises??? And then they are run, much like a McDonald's by the franchisees. They were exceptionally nice on the phone. They vet those who work for them. I would imagine their caregivers are as variable as any out there as to "good" or "bad" or somewhere inbetween. They had minimums of 4 hours a day three days a week and they charged 21.00 an hour for chores, for light housekeeping, for accompanying to shopping and for cooking a meal. When I told them this was more time than we needed they gave me the names of a few folks in the area for services such as shopping with their car, and etc. and they charged 25.00 an hour, no minimum.
This is all So. Cal area and I guess that it could be more or less where you are but the only way to find out is to call services in your area. And they almost certainly will ask for your phone number. Visiting Angels did NOT ask for my number and no one has called me. I called for information only. I have heard people on forum with good experience with them and with bad.
Be careful out there. I once recommended people post asking for caregivers in their areas on Church Bulletins etc and was told they got some bad elder abuse folks answering the ads. So safety is your first concern.
I am wishing you good luck.
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Vicster, this site is more like a forum, where questions are raised and answered, but it's up to each individual to do his/her own research.   The site administrators don't provide answers to the kinds of questions you ask.   But here are some suggestions, which others will probably complement with their own answers.

1.  Google Phoenix Meals on Wheels  (here's a link to get you started:

Call them and raise your questions with them.

2.   In home assistance can be through any of the many agencies.    Call:

a.   The Phoenix Senior Center and ask if there's a social worker who can suggest and/or provide pamphlets on the various home care agencies, or

b.   Call the local Alzheimer's Assn. and ask the same questions.  I've found them to be the best, most professional and most efficient.  

c.    Area Agencies on Aging can provide the same information, but it takes a week in my area, and their mission seems to have changed in the last few years.   The AA is much more flexible and helpful.

d.   Google various Senior Centers in your area, the County aging department, and/or research online to find local Aging and/or Caregiving expos.    If you're mobile, attend some; there are always plenty of home care agencies at every one I've attended in my area, and they love to explain their services and offer brochures.

3.    We may know a few posters outside of the forum, but we are otherwise anonymous, and NO ONE should be contacting you directly, by e-mail or otherwise.    Nor will the administration do so.  

Obtaining info on services is up to you.

4.   You do NOT have to give personal information when you contact agencies for information.    Just be vague, but also be aware that their web-sites are sales media, with a lot of generic and sometimes misrepresented facts about their greatness.
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