My mother's HCP has been invoked. I’m her POA and the principal on her HCP. The second is her boyfriend who no longer wants to be on her HCP. As her POA, am I allowed to change the HCP?

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He can resign if he no longer wants to be her HCP. You do not need to do anything.
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I think you might be in another country? In the USA HCP means Health Care Professional. If your mother is no longer competent and you feel she is not getting decent care then you should be able to change her physician; be certain her health care supplemental covers the person your choose.
If you mean HCP to be Health Care Proxy and are asking if you can change the person listed as Health Care Proxy, or the "second" who is listed, no, you cannot change it. You could add people if your POA document gives you that right, in that you could add someone such as a Financial Fiduciary to pay bills, keep records, and have that person paid out of the estate.
If you are asking to remove the second, her boyfriend, no, you cannot. If you refuse to serve or are unable, he will be the next to be the POA.
You also cannot alter your Mother's wishes, though you and her doctor can works with facts as they are, should she be unable to give you an opinion.
As I am not completely certain of what your question is I have tried to answer some few questions. I hope it is adequate or that other understand what I do not.
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