We want get my mom a motorized scooter that will be paid for by Medicaid.

I want to know if the lift can easily raise it to an SUV without having to lift it?

I don't know how to search for an existing thread on this topic.

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Thank you. The doctor and his team refused to sign off on the scooter. The appeal was turned down so we're buying on our own.
It will make such a difference in getting her out.
I'll check for the correct lift/carrier.
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There is a motorized lift that has a ramp on it that becomes the gate. Medicaid has certain requirements, Medicaid will provide you with these, just search on Google. In Florida Medicaid approves these as the patient is assumed to not to be able to lift such a heavy scooter. Only thing is, it has to be mounted on a vehicle that the patient owns.
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Check with home healthcare stores local or on line. They can give you the information. There are certain diagnostic codes from her doctor that have to be met for Medicaid to pay.
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