My mother in law isnt ready for hands on care yet. But she does live alone and has many physical illnesses . Is the an extremely simple medical alert system that is on the market? Just a button that is pushed to alert ems or police and then family? Something that is not bulky that she can wear on her person such as a watch, or a pendant? Also it must have GPS in case something happens and she gets lost . Midline pricing .

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honeycomb, the best medical alert system is one that your Mom-in-law would actually use.

I know if I got one for my Mom, who is still sharp as a tack, if she falls she would get too overwhelmed to remember how to use it, and with her poor hearing she wouldn't be able to hear the call box. Dad on the other hand would probably use it without any problem, but he thinks those things are for old people... HELLO, you're 93.
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