I need them for a NYS Medicaid application & I am POA for my mom. The bank was Bank Atlantic in Florida. It was purchased by BBT bank and I'm here in New York. I need access to 5 Years of statements.

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Find out a name in the state of FL dept of banking & consumer affairs department. There will be somebody you can contact by name and since this is FL there also is going to be a pretty good elder affairs dept within state government.

Then you send a certified with return registered receipt to consumer affairs of BBT and cc on the letter the names with the state dept of consumer & elderly whatever for FL. The RRR is the green card at the USPO and cert & RRR will run under $ 10.00 and will be the best 10 you have spent in a long time! BBT probably has to legally respond to you with what they need from you to complete your request within 30 days. Then you mail or fax this letter to NYS Medicaid to show you are doing your best to get the statements. NYS seems to be very paperwork heavy for Medicaid, so I would suggest that you fax over whatever to them and do it from a Kinko's / Fed Ex type of place where you get a transmission report so that you can prove that things were sent if you don't have a fax at home that does this.

You know on this site there was a long series of postings from Tony Roverie on his journey on getting his mom through NYS Medicaid a while back. You might want to read it and post to him directly as his stuff was quite insightful.
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I went to a clinic for years. When it closed down, I received a letter from the lawyer saying that if I wanted copies of my medical files to please contact this number. I agree with pamstegman. Someone would be able to send you to the right place. Hopefully it's not buried deep inside the vault.
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BBT bank should have those records or know where they are kept by the FDIC.
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