The bank is now refusing me access to my Mother's accounts. Any advice?


I currently have a DPOA over my mothers finances. It was filed with the bank using there forms. They will only allow me access to the accounts on which I am a co-owner. She has two CD accounts, one of which recently matured. Her funds in her checking and savings are dwindling and I need to close the CD accounts in order to pay her bills and her assisted living. They are refusing me on this. They even called the Police and Social Services and I was investigated for Elder abuse. The authorities said they were satisfied that no wrong doing was going on and closed there case. However the bank is still refusing to close the accounts.

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Another thought....ask them to electronically transfer the monthly amount directly to the AL. I had trouble with WF banks....treated me like a criminal until I brought in a stack of bills to show them.
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My attorney shared a war story with me (without names, by th way) that was very similar. It's unfortunate, and I actually think we need some legislation to protect financial institutions form liability.

I'm guessing that the POA isn't less than six months old. That MAY be the rub. Here's the problem as I see it: how does the bank know your mom didn't prepare another POA since issuance of THAT one that names someone ELSE as POA?

The bank is protecting itself from liability. If they won't let you access those funds, ask an attorney to get a court order enforcing that POA. Before you do that, you may want to INSIST the bank let you talk to their legal dept so you can find out exactly why they won't honor their own forms and what you would have to do to access mom's accounts. Right now, they have all the power. Be nice.

One other thing could possibly be going on. Mom, with the help of another relative, may have formally rescinded your POA. The bank has no obligation to tell you that, but,in THAT case, there is absolutely nothing you could do to access that money.
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I am extremely PO'd and would love to pull every dime out of that bank if they would let me. I have been with that bank for over 40 years and know nearly everyone there. They say they will honor the DPOA in regards to the account
that I co-own. However, if I am co-owner I wouldn't need a DPOA would I? So what good is the DPOA doing me at this point
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Take your original dpoa documents with original signatures, a copy for them to have along with all the copies of the bills from the assisted living place. Request that the CD's be transferred to her checking. If that does not work, ask them to create a custodial account for medical expenses with her name on it and your signature. Ask to talk to the bank vice president or manager. You can also have the AL call that person to verify the monthly amount they need to receive. Leave a dollar in each cd account if you can.

If I were you I would be so PO'd I would switch banks!
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