I was told by my insurance agent that my mother could have the insurance in her name and I could be primary but I had to co- title the vehicle? I live in Michigan. I have looked everywhere to see where that is required, the vehicle is in her name but now she has no valid drivers license, she lives with me and I am her caretaker. Just curious when it comes to Medicaid spend down if I am co-title will that make a difference?

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Actually it has nothing to do with what type of car it is. You need to ask Medicaid because it varies from state to state. She’s basically not allowed to sign over her assets during the spend down or while on Medicaid. You need to ask your local Medicaid office whether your state will consider co-titling signing over an asset. If she’s not doing a Medicaid spend down and won’t need it in the next 5 years, go ahead and add your name to the title. She is allowed to have 1 car while on Medicaid.
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If it is a new Mercedes, Rolls, Mazerati, Lamborghini or Jaguar yes, if not, no.
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Tigger226 Oct 3, 2019
Yeah not ever going to happen, LOL
As she no longer drives, can she gift you the vehicle? I think you have to fill out a form at the DMV.
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worriedinCali Oct 3, 2019
No, not if she’s going on Medicaid.
I doubt it will affect her medicaid. You should check with calling them.
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