My father has dementia & macular degeneration. He had 3 pair of glasses & says 2 of them have been "stolen". The apartments in the MC where he lives have no locks on the doors & some of the residents are quite debilitated mentally, but are still able to walk around. It wouldn't surprise me if what he says is true, although I know it would be unintentional. If he has misplaced his glasses this time I know it's going to happen again. The VA supplied him with his prescription glasses & I would hate to keep going back to them for more pairs. So, does anyone know if any of the "cheap" glasses would work for him & what strength would likely work?

It's so tough when this starts to happen. When my LO's prescription glasses started disappearing, I discovered that she was placing them all around the MC. I suppose other residents could have gotten them off her night stand, but, I think it was mostly her putting them in another resident's drawers, behind a bed, in a closet, etc. She didn't know what she was doing. Unless, you have staff who have the time to devote to looking for them.....they may locate them, but, they'll be lost again very soon. I read about a small device that attaches to the glasses and is electronically linked to a smart phone, so, you can locate them. They ping to the cell phone to tell you where they are. But, you'll need staff to cooperate with this. And, hope he doesn't take the device off the glasses. I saw this device advertised on Amazon for about $39.99. I have no idea if it works or not.
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Have his eye doctors write a script for reading glasses. This will give you the strength you need.
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nature73, by chance is your Dad sleeping on a hospital bed? Why I asked is that my Mom had misplaced her glasses, we searched and searched. Finally I brought from home a flashlight to look under the hospital bed which has many floor cross-bars... ah ha, there leaning on the side of the cross-bar were her glasses.

As for a drug store having glasses for macular degeneration, I doubt it as those type of glasses need strong distance and strong reading lenses, and possibly some special lenses if there is any double vision. Each eye could need a different prescription. My Mom also had macular degeneration, and it was so difficult for her to see :(
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nature73 May 13, 2020
No he's not in a hospital bed, but good idea to check there when I can get back in. At this point, I don't know what's fact or fiction! Thanks.
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