My mother has 3 hours of In Home Support Service. However, she needs more due to her condition and inability to walk. Her knee is still healing.

I've call her social worker several times to no avail. What is the next step? I need someone to speak to me.

Thanks. Need your help.

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One option to buy time until the social worker gets back to you, or whoever has the power to help, does so, would be to go to your state's Web site under Aging Services. Each state has some version of the Family Caregiver Support Program. In many states, there are respite care hours that go to waste because people don't know about this. Please try the site and look for contact information. They could give you the name of the local agency that gets funding for this program.

Another option would be if you have a supportive church group, or if there is a block nurse program in your area. Some of these are hard to track down, which is the shame of it all. But many block nurse programs put information in church entries (when allowed). Even some funeral homes (kind of strange, but whatever works) will have flyers with such information.

Does your mother's in-home care come through Medicaid? If not and she qualifies, they may have some hours.

Good luck with this. Keep tuned. You may see other answers.
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Thank you, Carol. You have some very good suggestions. I will look into these programs. Iam so grateful for this website. I don't feel alone and can reach out at any time.

God bless you.

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