We have large bins on wheels with flip tops provided by our city for automated trash pick up. One for trash, the other recyclables. Recently all the recycling rules changed so that only very specific things are now taken and to add things that don't screws things up along the way for all.

Mom has dementia and keeps busy emptying wastebaskets and at the same time I keep seeming to notice a disappearance of the lids for my lock and lock nesting bowl containers. So I'd really love to find something that would potentially perplex her but still be easy enough to release and let ME throw trash in when need be.

I know the folks up in Toronto..some may have some sort of turning knob that has to be matched up to keep the critters out. I don't know what to call what I'm looking for to even hunt for it!

Thanx in advance for any ideas!

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Perhaps a lock on the garage door that Mum cannot open and a 'trash' can on the house side of the door, for Mum to put the things she has collected in? Then you can easily check the bags before taking them into the garage.

I have to use clear trash bags with my Dad, it makes it easier to see things that do not belong in the bag.
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Our bins are inside our garage so we can't lock them up. Might check with the city for the name of the manufacturer who might have some thoughts...
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We just locked our cans up in a closet. Maybe you could use something like they use to keep coons and dogs out of trash cans. Something like the doggy dare trash can lock or the "strong strap Universal garbage can lid lock" system?
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