I can't help but feel stressed over the fact that the time change is gonna throw off my Aunt.

Her friends have come to get her at the same time every Sunday for church since she's been in ALF for the last 4 months.  Just after the last time change.

I am praying that the ALF is vigilant about preparing the residence for this.

I have to admit I never thought to ask!

My bad!

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Poor Tweety-bird is stressing and won't go to bed!
His usual bedtime is 9 p.m.

It is now 11:40, or was 10:40, yesterday.
And, it is a full moon.

Needing an intervention.
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So her friends called her early to tell her what time they were coming for her.
She called them 10 minutes later to ask what time they were coming for her?!
When they got there to pick her up, she wasn't in her usual waiting place. They found her in the gym!
You just gotta chuckle!
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But at this point bring it on World. I am in a state with no one "yet" testing positive for this virus. There are no bottles of alcohol,sanitizing wipes,sanitizer hand wash,antibacterial body wash and on and on. That is going to every store possible. My grown children don't understand why we can't make plans to fly. My husband and I had the worst luck last year with infections. It is all anyone is talking about. I would like to have a positive outlook but how does one manage that.
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Yeah, what the heck time is it, anyway?
Every clock in the house is set at a different time!
Hubs was on his way out to church, reset only one, but which one?

I had to go outside to check the clock in my car. It has been wrong since the last time change. But is it right now?
No, it's not! Hubs sets it to get to work early, because he is always late.

No worries! I still remember Gladimhere telling me to look on my computer, which changes automatically. I am too too smart now.
But, still blonde.

Yeah, but....
Will it get dark earlier, or later?

(all in fun).
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I miss my extra hour to get stuff done. I'm certainly not cutting down on my sleep to catch up! Sleep is the only time I have to be fully present for myself.
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Yes I can't stand it. I wish we could all be Arizona. By 6 months I have adapted only to have it change again.
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Well, the friends had better get there even earlier than one hour earlier than your aunt is used to, because it's going to take aunt extra time to get ready.

Then by next week she'll have adjusted, like she has done every year before, with more or less the same degree of frustration and annoyance and missed appointments as all the rest of us.

Our clocks don't go forward for another couple of weeks yet. Or I certainly hope they don't! :/
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I think they adjust. Actually the longer days may be better for any who sundown. My Mom was with me for 20 months and I never saw the time change effect her.
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