Has anyone ever dealt with their loved one having very loose bowels and it end up everywhere?


Is this normal with dementia? Mom was diagnosed in 2005. It happened today, Wednesday and last Saturday. I don't think it is a virus, but I guess it could be. She wears the assurance underpants. If anyone has a better idea I would be very grateful.

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Seems like it the runs or constant impaction.. dad was the impaction kind of guy. That is no fun either. MIL has explosions everywhere.
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This type of thing seems to be common with dementia patients. You might check to see how it's happening. Is she placing it on furniture, walls, floors, etc or is it running out by accident?

Depending on how it's happening, I would check with her doctor to see if she has some condition with her bowels, medication reaction, etc. Maybe, it's something that can be fixed with an adjustment.

If it's her placing it there, then I would suggest that she be constantly supervised to prevent her from reaching into her diaper. For nighttime, there are adult onesies that are made for adults that close in the back so the patient is not able to remove it. So she won't be able to get her hands into the diaper or remove it. I suppose you can wear these in the daytime too.

If it's the diaper leaking, then I would try different brands. I'm not familiar with that. Maybe others around here who are, will add some tips on various brands.
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