Any suggestions for bedside commode protection?


Hi, I'm fairly new to the caregiving world, taking care of my grandmother who got sick quite suddenly. How do you recommend using the bedside commode she uses during the night? I wash it but it's a hassle honestly. I saw commode liners online, anyone tried it?



Hey guys, just so you know I found a pretty cool discount on a roll of commode liners online, just sharing :) it's 50% off until tomorrow, I thought it might be useful to you too :)
When I buy it I'll leave a review below this way you know it's good!
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There's a whole slew of answers on this question - did you try doing a search first?

The most popular answers lined the potty with toilet paper - kind of roll it loosely around your hand and place in the bucket. They said easier to dispose of it because poop is on the top of the paper.
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I've read that leaving an inch of water in the pail helps to keep things from sticking as much and makes it easier to empty. Getting an extra pail might be helpful too.
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You can use the liners if you want, but honestly, it doesn’t make the job any easier to do. If you’ve ever had a cat or known anyone who has, think of it like cleaning the litter box, or if you have a dog, like going out and picking up “land mines” in the yard. Just something you have to do. Hint: wear those latex gloves like nurses wear. Most drug stores have them in the adult diaper aisle.

Dump the pot in the toilet, wait until it flushes, then use the clean toilet water to rinse. I use a toilet brush and a squirt of Dawn if necessary to give it a scrub. Rinse again and flush. I also use Clorox scrubbable disinfectant wipes on the platform (seat) area.

After a while I didn’t even spend time thinking about what I was doing. Just did it.
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