Is there any help available for walk in tubs for seniors that can't get in and out of the tub?

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I have arthritis and the gout can't get out of the tub.

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I am not sure about funding sources.

If the tub must stay, there are some shower chairs that actually go over the tub and are spring loaded so they will shift you into the tube area and out of the tub area when needed. all you do is sit and trigger the device. Less fancy ones (cheaper versions) are a bench that spans the tub and comes into the room. You must slide across the bench but better than trying to step in or out.

If you can afford to make the conversion - DO IT! we pulled out the tub and had a roll in shower installed and have a portable seat. Plus lots of pull bars....WOW it sure makes it safe and easier for Mom. Her aid that does the showers thinks it is great. (I prefer to take showers their too since my mobility is poor myself) Cost was about 5K but worth every penny.

Best wishes ....
Sounds like we have the same problem. I love taking a bath but have had to resort to showers only because of not being able to get out of a tub. I've had both knees replaced and the muscle is no longer there to help myself up. That's usually the problem, not being able to push yourself up to a standing position. Instead of going to the expense of a walk-in tub, why not just put handicap bar(s) by the tub for pulling oneself up and using a stool to sit on that rotates around. A plastic chair would also be great to have if it is small enough to fit in the tub. Usually a chair is higher than a stool so you may be sitting on top of the water instead of in the water. Either way, there are options to use instead of changing completely and putting in a walk in tub. Cloudbank sounds like she know what she's talking about and is giving you good advice about the bench. Good luck in getting help for your problem.
The walk-in tubs we see advertised on TV are pure piracy. They try to market them to seniors by saying they're only $150 a month for 150 months (I believe). If you do the math, that turns into $22,500 for a bathtub. Ouch! It sounds predatory to me. If someone didn't live 10 years, collection would probably be vigorous, with the balance passing to heirs in a lump payment. I doubt seriously if there would be any help for them, because of their asking price.

If a transfer bench is not good, you might want to visit your local bath improvement store to see what is available that is more in your price range. For most mobility-impaired seniors, a walk-in shower is an affordable option. With installation, you could probably get one for $2000-3000. My parents paid around $1800 for theirs, but it was a few years ago in Alabama. The downside is that you can't soak. The upside is that the price doesn't soak you. With a good shower massage and a shower chair, they aren't too bad. (But I do so miss taking a bath! I hate showers.)
I just checked to see if there is any Medicare or veteran assistance for walk-in showers or tubs. There is in a very few cases where they are prescribed by a doctor and deemed a medical necessity. Normally they do not fall under durable medical equipment, so are not covered by any government service. You can try, but don't be disappointed if your appeal is rejected.
A walk-in bathtub is a great choice for seniors with mobility problems who have difficulty getting in and out of a traditional tub. The senior citizen with restricted flexibility has more chances of slipping and falling in the bathroom. The greatest option for them is using a walk in bathtub. Walk-in bathtubs are available through online websites, and if you live in a large city, then there are many large companies for walk in tubs like Home at Ease, Hydro System and so on. For the senior citizen, providing them with a walk-in tub will assist them to live a more independent life and also able to enjoy.
I think walk in bathtub is the best possible option for elders and physically challenged people. These tubs reduce aches and pains as well as provide you with luxurious and independent bathing. Walk in bath tubs are trending everywhere because of its features which are not available in traditional bathtubs. These tubs has are available with doors that open to the inside and doors that open to the outside. The problem of lifting your legs and entering the bathtub is eliminated by using walk in bathtubs. These bath tubs also have a built in chair that allows you to sit comfortably inside the tub. With such extraordinary features it has hydro jets installed, which helps poor circulation, joint pain, muscle stiffness and many more.
There are certain environmental problems that add to the risk of falling on the floor while walking for bath and if a citizen get fall down, then it is very difficult to handle the situation because at that movement no one would be there to support them. Because of these problems one of my sister bought walk in tubs for her Grandmother from online store
The walk-in tub is characterized by a door with a low step-in entrance sometimes as low as 2 inches from the bathroom floor, a comfortable anti-slip surface, therapeutic features that treat and alleviate many physical illnesses and ailments, and many personalized designs to choose from.
The walk-in tub eliminates the need for a guardian, personalizes the positions of grab bars, eliminates the possibility of slip-fall accidents with its anti-slip floor, and includes emergency switches to ensure the user's safety. These safety precautions make the walk-in tub the obvious choice for seniors in need for a home addition that improves their overall quality of life.
Just remember that you cannot fill or get out of the tub unless the door is closed. So essentially you wait inside for filling and draining
I work in a physical therapy facility and have heard many patients discuss their walk-in bathtubs. The most common problem is cost and limited warranty, but there are some other problems to consider. They can take a long time to fill and drain. This can be a problem when you are done - many people said they get very cold waiting for the water to drain. Most said they wished they had purchased tubs with heated surfaces or had a heat/sun lamp installed overhead. There is often a problem with leakage after these are in use for a while, and getting service can be tough. It is important to shop around, not only for the tub but for the service that follows.

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